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  • Lindsay Labonte Does anyone know what 400 audio minutes works out to hour wise? 
    February 25
  • Andrea Lorenzo Hi everybody !!! I finally finished the course, graduated with Honors (cannot believe it). It was a tough journey, with high and lows and many many frustrations. Also asking myself "will I be able to finish this ??" Anyway, I did it and I know you all will do it too. Just keep working hard, do all your research because all the effort you put forth now will pay off in the future. Just do your best. I know some chapters are hideous and you may want to smash your computer against a wall. All Canscribe students wanted to do that at certain point. But the level of preparation from this College is the best, be proud of being a Canscribe student and use all the resources that they facilitate to us. The webinars are a great tool for learning, better if you have the chance to do them live so you can ask directly to the instructors. I will feel that something will be missing now, even though I hated some of those dictations I will be missing those hours of putting up with reports LOL !!. Another chapter is starting for me now. There is a lot of work out there girls, and you can even choose where to apply !!! So keep working hard till the end!!! Will be missing my student days and all of you !!
    August 21, 2016
  • Cheryl Handfield Hi everyone. I haven't been on here too much as I have been so busy. I am currently on the surgical documentation chapter and really finding it challenging. At least I have more than half the reports done. Needed to take a little break from the computer. How is everyone else doing?
    February 14
  • Kim Johnston Hello!! I am doing market research into the MT program and career opportunities in this field.   I need to do an informational interview and would appreciate any help, information and time you could offer me. Thanks!! 
    November 13, 2015
  • Melissa Morrison Well, after 2 months off a year ago for 2 different surgeries and working full-time, I am still trudging along.  I was also just away for 2 weeks visiting my family in Ontario.  I have had to buy myself more time in the course once already, and I am about to do it again.  I have wanted to give up multiple times, but I have promised myself I won't.  It's been a tough year, and there are another tough couple of months to go.  Phewf! I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN....PERSEVERE!!!
    October 14, 2015